Redesign the website for wholesale onion grower, manufacturer, and distributor, Gills Onions with a focus on content prioritization and usability, while providing fresh branding that is farm focused and represents sustainability. 

As lead designer I led the redesign of the website for Gills Onions, one of California's largest wholesale onion distributors. This website redesign was used to improve the user experience while also re-introducing the supplier to their clients and colleagues as a fresh, sustainable, forward-thinking leader in the produce industry.
Client - Gills Onions

Team - Thea Kaiser, Lead UI/UX Designer, Emily McClain, UI/UX Designer, Dominic Olivas & Carlos Palacio, Developers

Skills - UI prototyping, brand positioning, information architecture, website design, low and high fidelity wireframing, 

Tools - Sketch, Photoshop
The Story
This "website facelift" starts with a sustainable, family company whose farm focused beginnings brought them to become an example for quality, innovation, sustainability, and consistency in the produce industry. My main goal was to capture that story as I simplified and familiarized the web experience for target users while giving the company an updated look. 
Design Objectives
- focus on target users 
produce buyers, restaurant suppliers, food and restaurant industry buyers, cafeteria and dining hall managers
- create information hierarchy
reorganize and reorder information and page content based on content priority and purpose.
- reduce clicks for users 
create better wireframe and page flows so that it take users less time to accomplish tasks
- better visual UI 
establish a better visual style that communicates innovation, sustainability, and quality; key values of Gills Onions
The updated design features a familiar top bar navigation with 7 core pages including the homepage. A vertical scroll page flow features large imagery that is styled to feature Gill's onion fields; where the product and literal fuel for the manufacturing operation grow.
our story
The old site had lots of erroneous text that overwhelmed and ultimately did not serve user needs. We identified themes from a majority of the information and turned those into blurbs that represented company values and told a narrative throughout the site focused on these themes. 
We used farm and earth focused imagery to give Gills Onions a farm-to-fork essence. We also found a more useful way to utilize Gills Onions' historical photos to tell a visual story of the company roots.
The products page was redesigned to put target users, like commercial produce buyers first by promoting the products with updated imagery that showcase their quality, cuts, and wholesale quantity offerings with large, attractive photography. 
The recipes page, which previously featured little photography, is now photo-forward starring mouth-watering images that depict a wide range of recipes that showcase the versatility of Gill's onions. Highlighting recipes on the website allows the company to show site visitors how different cuts and variations of the Gills' products can be used. 
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