Lead the creation of two marketing campaign proposals from conception to completion for Famous Software, a business management software company serving the produce industry.

The objective for this project was to concept and design two marketing campaign proposals including the print and preparation of two mood boards for in-person presentation. My goal for these proposals was to show Famous Software what their brand storytelling could look like. The designs and visual grammar for these campaigns explored how to visualize the company's vision and mission while also solving current marketing challenges.
My Role - lead creative designer
Skills - marketing and brand strategy development, marketing campaign design, web and print ad design, knowledge of file types and best practices for the exporting of print files and graphics
Tools - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Concept 1 Images: SHUTTERSTOCK 
I started by studying the company and identify different themes and messages that reflected the their values and product.  

This also included a research analysis of different visual styles and software industry brand strategies. I also analyzed weaknesses and challenges associated with the current marketing materials. 

I then filtered my findings, deciding on two solutions that connected value identifiers and transformed them into visual marketing strategies. These two distinct marketing packages show the client what kind of messaging they can use to define their brand and tell their brand story. 

Warehouse Management System Print Ad 

Concept A:  

V I S U A L   B R A N D   S T R A T E G Y 
The primary font family for Concept A is Gotham. A new modern classic, Gotham Bold serves as a headline font, and Gotham Book accompanies as the body copy. Gotham is a popular, modern choice that helps to present Famous as a tech company that is innovative and understandable. It is also commonly used and well suited for web-based marketing.

This first proposal offers a color palette with vibrant blue and green primary colors. The pairing of blue and green
green, naturally reminiscent of produce and blue, cool and vibrant—creates a gradient that is up-to-date with current trends and has futuristic vibes. Applying the gradient as a photo overlay and type treatment is a conservative way to utilize this bold brand graphic.
the challenge

This marketing package was for a produce business management software that wanted their brand to be associated with produce but didn't want their company mistaken for a produce manufacturer while marketing on produce specific channels.

the solution

A visual strategy that allows for the flexible use of photographic content that is characterized by a blue-green gradient overlay that takes the focus off of the produce itself and instead creates a design that draws the eye across the entire artboard.
Concept B:  

V I S U A L   B R A N D   S T R A T E G Y 
The headline font, Eveleth Clean Thin, creates ultra wide headlines that don't overwhelm. It is supported by the Gotham font family, used in various weights as sub heds, body copy etc. 
The bright color palette is eye-catching and engages viewers immediately. Inspired by Google's material design color system the colors express the vision of a bold, forward-thinking technology company. 
the challenge

Famous Software has a wide variety of products but very little imagery or visual assets that depict or describe the various product offerings to use when marketing their various products.

the solution

Proposing a visual system that utilizes iconography allows for custom illustrations that can help illustrate product offerings to potential and current clients 

I C O N O G R A P H Y 
Also inspired by material design are the flat color icons used to convey concepts that inform viewers on the unique features and key product offerings, like Famous Software's extremely high-accuracy levels. Choosing to use customizable, iconography helped solve one of the issues we encountered with Famous' previous marketing efforts.
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